Sunday, December 4, 2011

In Loving Memory of Jesse Bush

Just a few days have passed and my heart still swells
As my aching soul refuses to stop gathering the bountiful harvest of every day;
Oh my child, how short was your stay with us
Yet, how long and plentiful the legacy you left;
All I have is a few memories with you to recount
Nonetheless, they were planted deep into my spirit, deep into my faith;
They are growing like giant mulberry trees
Reaching high, reaching deep
Reminding me of the most important tie I will ever have
The tie between heaven and me.

My dear child how small you were
Thus, I am still at awe at the size of your soul,
A soul divinely handcrafted to bless and to hold
To gaze with my heart as I imagine you grow,
Grow as my big tree with branches reaching wide
Bearing emotions, thoughts and lessons galore,
Because your littleness stroke the chord of time
That one that makes my mind apprehend
That my days are just a mere handbreadth
Regardless if you make it to ninety days, years or until the very end.
I can only be grateful to the One who decides
How many they will be,
Because He spared you the sufferings of this world
And though we still grieve your departure from us
It is ever comforting to know
That He holds you close by His very hand
On this very moment, on your very sight.

My precious child I want you to know
That the freshness of your passing has been surrounded with the smell
Of the advent of our Savior who was once another Babe;
He is my Lord and I know yours too,
I know He created you, and loves you more than I do;
He is the one that planted you into my body,
Into my heart,
And made it possible by His death on a tree
For us to hope for the day
The future glorious day
Where our eyes will see Him,
And then we will see you again.
We will embrace, and will laugh and will both radiate
His light shining into our own very faces;
We will reminisce the days of our waiting here
And how only His strength and hope for that moment
Made us see the value and beauty of each today
Helping us appreciate life here on earth
As a very blurry reflection of our future home
We will understand then, though it will matter no more
Because you will be there too
Hearing His voice filling everything
While He embraces me, and tells me:  Well done.
In Jesus, in Jesus, It was done!

My beloved, my little one
I am very grateful that you are part of my life
You were asked for and you were indeed given,
You were, and for many special reasons
Many I still don’t know;
But one I certainly do
Because the name we chose for you
Was “Jesse”, my little child,
A name that stands for “God exists”
For this hope for heaven
That you stirred and fanned into flame
Is the assurance that He indeed does;
And because of that
You do too,
And we can say boldly as His word says:
To forget what lies behind
And strain toward what is ahead,
Knowing that one of those wonderful
Wonderful, precious and marvelous things
Is you my dear one,


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  1. This is beautiful, Paola. Thank you for sharing your heart.