Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Michaela's Prayer Countdown!

Here we are friends, just a few hours away from boarding the plane that will take us to fulfill the       dream we've cherished for so many years. After arriving to China, it will be just a few more days   to get to know our sweet little girl Michaela Tsai-Ann. We are so, so very excited!!  Once in China we will have very little access to the   Internet. :/  We will do our very best to send updates if we are able,so you can share in our joy.  However we would love to stay connected with you via prayer  while we are away, regardless! We are so glad that internet connection is not needed to be "online" with our Heavenly Father! =)
This is the way you can pray for us until we come back home in about 18 days.  Especially on April  12th, (April 13th in China) which is the day we’ll be meeting Michaela for first time. We can’t be anymore   grateful to all the many, many, many ways you all have supported us during this long and life changing journey! Click here if you are new to this blog and want to read previous posts about our journey:  (Part 123456).
Michaela’s Prayer Countdown:
Day 7: Please pray that God would prepare Michaela's heart to meet us. That He guides us through  the bonding process with her. That He gives us favor before her so that she learns quickly to trust us, obey us and know we are Mommy & Daddy.
Day 6: Pray that her feeling of loss and brokenness would be minimal as she leaves the only people,  culture & language she's known so far.  That we have a very positive experience with the Orphanage nannies, kids, staff, volunteers & all the people involved with our farewell to ther place of birth.  That God would use David & I to help her experience complete healing.
Day 5: Pray that God protects Michaela from any virus or diseases while we are with her in China.   That she aces her medical examinations so that she can be granted a visa to leave the country without any delay.  That God would granted her miraculous healing. That her health & brain development catches up quickly after we start caring and loving on her.  And for God's favor and direction in case any therapies or medical treatments are needed.
Day 4: Pray that God would give us favor as we go though all the official steps & requirements to finalize our adoption in China and come back home together as a family:  An expedite adoption  registration, medical appointments, passport and visa application.
Day 3: Pray that God would keep our boys and family safe & healthy in the States as they state home with Grandma and my sister.  That God would prepare their hearts to meet their sister and they bond quickly & joyfully after we come back home.
Day 2: Pray for safe travels for Dave & I. That we are able to soak in and enjoy the culture of our 
Daughter's country of birth.  That this trip would be a joyful & memorable experience for both us and her. That God would protect us from sickness and would strengthen our bodies for all the walking 
ahead and the carrying luggage while traveling through 5 cities to complete official appointments. 
That God would providentially heal my upper back problems so that they don't become an issue 
during our trip.
Day 1: Pray that God uses us powerfully to communicate the love & grace of Jesus to all the people we come in contact with during our stay in China.  especially to our daughter. That we can model 
Jesus to her, that He touches her heart, that she would come to know Him and be saved at an early
young age!

Looking forward to see you soon as a family of 5! =) 
Zàijiàn!! =)
Dave, Paola, Garrick, David-Elliot & Michaela Bush