Monday, March 4, 2013

Our journey to becoming a forever family - First Update

Blessings everybody!

Many of you have asked us for an update, and we wanted to let you know that we are slowly moving forward as we move through the numerous decisions pertaining to the adoption journey. We are currently in the process of selecting an agency and educating ourselves in regards to the spectrum of special needs. Even though going through an adoption can look overwhelming at first sight, we are very excited about the prospect of opening our home to our new son or daughter and we are trusting God will lead us through the process as we just take one step at a time...just the same way you eat an elephant right?! 

This is a short great video to learn about "Waiting Child" adoption

We recently took a class online called "Adoption Finance University"  offered by a very resourceful website called "Resources4adoption".  The class was informational and very helpful in the sense of outlining specific action steps that we need to work on during the pre-adoption stage. We think that sharing our progress  in every of these action steps is an effective way to keep you posted in our journey so that you can join us in prayer. Plus we get to share the learned lessons in case that you ever want to become a forever family yourselves!

With that in mind we want to share the first assignment we tackled in the process:

"Start thinking about what sort of adoption you are going to pursue. Make notes about what you feel are the advantages or disadvantages for each type and how you feel about an open or closed adoption."

We will be posting an update with some of our thoughts and attempts to follow God's guidance for our family regarding the "direction of our boat" concerning this matter. 

Finally, though very overdue, we didn't want to let pass the opportunity to THANK all of you who have used and continue using our link to Amazon to help us raise funds toward our adoption. For those of you that wonder what we are talking about we have created an Amazon associates link.  If you click on our link, it takes you directly to  When you purchase anything within 24 hrs of clicking the link, we get credit for the advertising commission on the sale (about 4%).  The great thing is that it costs the purchaser nothing and we make a few dollars toward our adoption fund.  So far, we have raised $68.  Every little bit helps when facing the cost of adoption, so if you want to help, please continue to use the link.  In case you don't have it or lost the bookmark we sent out, the link is You won't see any feedback from Amazon when you use the link, but yes it does work!  Thanks so much for helping out and becoming part of our adoption supporters!

Thank you all for your loving support,

The Bush's

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